Does Pay Gap Perception Matter More Than Reality?

Is the pay gap real? Women think it is…and that alone is a problem for employers. Another global company — Bayer — has just been hit with a class-action gender discrimination suit. On behalf of all women at the international pharmaceutical company, six current and former women employees abandoned their EEOC complaints to file the … Continue reading

Justice Isn’t Gender Blind

Advocacy for women-owned law firms — done right. Finally. With probably the scariest acronym ever, NAMWOLF — the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms — is getting corporate America on board. It only took a decade. The group’s goal is to get big companies to spend at least 5% of their funds … Continue reading

Fair-Pay Audits Coming – Is Your Firm Ready?

Federal agencies just vowed to coordinate fair-pay audits and investigations. Is your firm prepared? One reason why the Paycheck Fairness Act didn’t pass was that critics claimed that we already have sufficient fair pay regulations on the books. Just enforce those, they said. And that’s exactly what’s happening. With public employees (and their unions) in … Continue reading