Your Bottom, Their Bottom Line

Bias complaints are up, and that means insurers are paying out more for companies to defend against those claims. Could weary insurers be the working woman’s new best friend? Gender discrimination accounts for  29.1% of all EEOC charges filed in fiscal 2010. Apparently  women aren’t so grateful for a job that they’re willing to suck … Continue reading

From Birth, Boys Are In It To Win It. And Girls?

Boys are hard-wired to be more competitive right from the start. Where does that leave girls…and women? I ‘m both amused and mildly horrified by the Wal-Mart’s “Running Shoes” commercial. It shows a band of kids dashing across a lawn in search of Easter eggs. A little boy pulls away from the pack. Amazed moms … Continue reading

Nice Girls Get Ahead…of Themselves

 Do nice girls get ahead? Only if they manage ‘nice’ like any other skill. I once had a client who was anything but nice. I sent her a holiday gift of ready-to plant tulip bulbs with all the fixins for a longlasting living bouquet. From a ritzy florist, no less. When the box landed in … Continue reading

Neighborly Economics

Women are re-inventing local economies by concentrating their spending with locally owned companies. Who doesn’t love a good farmer’s market?  Handmade soap. Homemade soup. Tomatoes, zucchini, cheese, honey, corn, blueberries…I usually buy more than I can carry, forcing my husband to bring the minivan around to the sidewalk and load it up. I buy local … Continue reading

Mad About Pay

Equal Pay day is tomorrow, April 12.  Women of Chicago can unite at noon at Daley Plaza to express their opinions of the chronic pay gap. Pay equity is the thorn in corporate America’s side.   Every company claims it pays equitably.  No employer thinks that it contributes to the 19.8-cents-on-the-dollar pay gap. Yet the evidence … Continue reading

Career Stuck? Don’t Blame the Kids

 You’re stuck in your career. Don’t blame work-life issues. You need a sponsor.  Feeling stuck? As you’re assessing the reasons why you aren’t moving ahead, don’t blame lack of work-life balance.    According to the human resource consulting firm Mercer, the number one reason why women don’t move ahead in corporate careers is that they lack … Continue reading

Are Women’s Networks Worth It?

Are women’s networks the corporate equivalent of the PTA? No. Here’s why. Of all the activities you’d like to volunteer for, why should a women’s network be at the top of your list? Why should it vie for your precious time, jostling for hours with volunteering at your childrens’ school, helping out at church, or … Continue reading

Why Women Don’t Trust Financial Advisors

Women have money. The investment industry wants it. Too bad they don’t talk the same language. You’d think the investment industry would have figured out by now how to market to women. It goes like this: Listen Reflect Confirm Repeat Why is it so hard for financial advisors do this? From independent financial planners to … Continue reading

Does Pay Gap Perception Matter More Than Reality?

Is the pay gap real? Women think it is…and that alone is a problem for employers. Another global company — Bayer — has just been hit with a class-action gender discrimination suit. On behalf of all women at the international pharmaceutical company, six current and former women employees abandoned their EEOC complaints to file the … Continue reading

Small Might Be Smarter

The latest crop of start-ups looks a lot like the typical woman-owned businesses. Is that bad, or is it time we added another definition of entrepreneurial success? The best stuff at the International Housewares Show is along the outside walls. Here, in the cheap booths, are the hardy entrepreneurs with their inventions, hoping that the … Continue reading