Men Hate The Workplaces They Built

Men want work-life flexibility just as much as women. So why are women still the ones carrying the message? Ah, the sweet sensation of validation.  Finally, a think tank has thought what many work-life advocates have been saying for years: Men want work-life flexibility just as much as women do. That’s the basic point of … Continue reading

How Smart Bosses Win when Employees Flexwork

A new study argues that bosses should be held responsible for upholding work-life practices. When short-term business goals conflict with high-minded work-life programs, work-life loses.   Profits vs. flextime;  team goals vs. job sharing; when deadlines are driving dollars, it’s all hands on deck, compressed workweeks be damned. Now, a new study by Alexandra Beauregard, of … Continue reading

Work-Life Balance Is Dead – Thank Goodness

Sociologists confirm what mothers-in-law have been saying for decades:  you feel guilty when you  take work home.  Work-life balance doesn’t work. It probably never did. Here’s what does. Doesn’t flexwork sound great? Grab that Blackberry as you run out the door at 4 p.m. and finish up that client e-mail while you’re waiting out the … Continue reading

Daddy’s Girls Get Ahead

Behind every successful woman is….a doting dad. Even at work. Really? Is workplace culture so hard-wired to underestimate women’s contributions that a new marker of success is having a boss who has daughters? Sadly, it seems so. Womens’ wages rise when top male executives have daughters, according to the newly released “Like Daughter, Like Father:  … Continue reading

Student Loans: Best Birth Control Ever

The more you know, the less you mother.   That’s the inescapable conclusion of two statistics plucked from the new White House report, “Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Wellbeing.” Regardless of their age, mothers with more education have fewer children.  And women dominate the current generation of college students and new grads, at … Continue reading

Ramps To Nowhere

Why haven’t more women reached the top of the career ladder? Because of a certain rung missing halfway up. Our client the American Society of Women Accountants has just released an authoritative white paper on how to advance women it its profession.  Its recommendations are drawn from the Accounting MOVE Project, which we manage for … Continue reading

How to Bust a “Best” List

“Best Places to Work’ lists can be lies. Here’s how you can bust through the happy talk and get to the truth. If  most ‘best places to work’ lists are to be believed, most of corporate America is headquartered in Lake Woebegone, where all the employers are above average. You don’t have to be much of … Continue reading

List or Lie?

Here’s how ‘best places to work’ lists are put together – and what editors don’t want you to know.  The annual  carnival of “best places to work” lists has just kicked off with Fortune magazine’s  “100 Best Companies to Work For.” The list celebrates benefits and activities that are often unrelated to productivity or career … Continue reading