What do you call a company with women comprising 5% of its global executive team and 4% of its global board? Defendant.   In what is becoming a depressingly familiar scenario, yet another “best company for women” has been charged with a high profile discrimination lawsuit. The defendant du jour is Big Four accounting firm KPMG. … Continue reading

Nice Girls Get Ahead…of Themselves

 Do nice girls get ahead? Only if they manage ‘nice’ like any other skill. I once had a client who was anything but nice. I sent her a holiday gift of ready-to plant tulip bulbs with all the fixins for a longlasting living bouquet. From a ritzy florist, no less. When the box landed in … Continue reading

Why Women Quit Engineering

It’s not the work. It’s the jerks. One of my sisters-in-law was, until recently, a drive train engineer for a Big Three automaker.  The drive train is what makes your car go. This is serious quant work that operates at the intersection of physics, materials, marketing and safety. In her group of 20 drive train … Continue reading

Self-Interest at Work

The Global Business Coalition leverages business self-interest to advance women. That’ll work. You might have missed it, but last week was International Women’s Day. Hallmark hasn’t yet caught on to this occasion, but corporate types certainly have, and the press releases showered like magnolia petals in a spring breeze. And I learned quite a bit. … Continue reading

Do Women Need An Ambition Transplant?

I’ve just pawed through the Easter basket of statistics that is the new Accenture report, “Reinvent Opportunity: Looking Through a New Lens,” and there’s only one conclusion to draw: women need more ambition. They are too willing to settle: for less money, a lower-status position, and for things the way they are.  But the study … Continue reading

Daddy’s Girls Get Ahead

Behind every successful woman is….a doting dad. Even at work. Really? Is workplace culture so hard-wired to underestimate women’s contributions that a new marker of success is having a boss who has daughters? Sadly, it seems so. Womens’ wages rise when top male executives have daughters, according to the newly released “Like Daughter, Like Father:  … Continue reading