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Two Four-Letter Words Women Need to Get Ahead

“Support” comes in many forms when a woman manager is trying to get a grip on subtle bias at work.  A new study shows what works. Discrimination is officially over. That’s why it’s so difficult to deal with cultural factors like a boss’s expectation that you always make work the top priority, no matter whatever … Continue reading

Career Stuck? Don’t Blame the Kids

 You’re stuck in your career. Don’t blame work-life issues. You need a sponsor.  Feeling stuck? As you’re assessing the reasons why you aren’t moving ahead, don’t blame lack of work-life balance.    According to the human resource consulting firm Mercer, the number one reason why women don’t move ahead in corporate careers is that they lack … Continue reading

Are Women’s Networks Worth It?

Are women’s networks the corporate equivalent of the PTA? No. Here’s why. Of all the activities you’d like to volunteer for, why should a women’s network be at the top of your list? Why should it vie for your precious time, jostling for hours with volunteering at your childrens’ school, helping out at church, or … Continue reading

Justice Isn’t Gender Blind

Advocacy for women-owned law firms — done right. Finally. With probably the scariest acronym ever, NAMWOLF — the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms — is getting corporate America on board. It only took a decade. The group’s goal is to get big companies to spend at least 5% of their funds … Continue reading

Student Loans: Best Birth Control Ever

The more you know, the less you mother.   That’s the inescapable conclusion of two statistics plucked from the new White House report, “Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Wellbeing.” Regardless of their age, mothers with more education have fewer children.  And women dominate the current generation of college students and new grads, at … Continue reading

Ramps To Nowhere

Why haven’t more women reached the top of the career ladder? Because of a certain rung missing halfway up. Our client the American Society of Women Accountants has just released an authoritative white paper on how to advance women it its profession.  Its recommendations are drawn from the Accounting MOVE Project, which we manage for … Continue reading