Don’t Fall Into This Gap

Women are edging close to an income cliff. Here’s why. There’s a reason why women gravitate to teaching and government administrative jobs: family-friendly hours,  a clear career path and pay bands, which are supposed to minimize pay discrimination. But as the economy stumbles towards recovery, financially exhausted governments are cutting loose tens of thousands of … Continue reading

Why Dudettes Will Save Beancounters

Without young women, baby boomer accounting firm partners can’t retire.  Guess who’s in the driver’s seat. It took us six months, dozens of interviews and a boatload of analysis to produce the 2011 Accounting MOVE Project Executive Report.  One of our sponsors, Moss Adams, recommended that this year we do a deep-dive into the implications … Continue reading

Hey! Where’s My Raise?

Every employer pays for performance…right? Only believe it when your employer can prove it. There’s not a boss on this earth who doesn’t think he pays for performance.  But ‘performance’ is often much more of a judgment call than one might think – even for jobs with quantifiable results, such as sales.  Given pervasive cultural … Continue reading

Mad About Pay

Equal Pay day is tomorrow, April 12.  Women of Chicago can unite at noon at Daley Plaza to express their opinions of the chronic pay gap. Pay equity is the thorn in corporate America’s side.   Every company claims it pays equitably.  No employer thinks that it contributes to the 19.8-cents-on-the-dollar pay gap. Yet the evidence … Continue reading

Does Pay Gap Perception Matter More Than Reality?

Is the pay gap real? Women think it is…and that alone is a problem for employers. Another global company — Bayer — has just been hit with a class-action gender discrimination suit. On behalf of all women at the international pharmaceutical company, six current and former women employees abandoned their EEOC complaints to file the … Continue reading

Wal-Mart Dresses Up, Goes Nowhere

Only a cynic would find irony in the Wal-Mart Foundation’s $2 million donation to Dress for Success.  I’m a cynic, and after you read this, you will be, too. I love Dress for Success.  I love the idea of outfitting women returning to the workforce with flattering, confidence-building interview and work outfits. I loved them … Continue reading

What’s the State of Your Pay Gap?

Fair pay isn’t dead. It’s on the rebound. Here’s what President Obama just said about it, and how you can find out what the gap is where you live. The Paycheck Fairness Act was passed by the Senate when it went down in the House in late November. Hardly anyone noticed it fall in the … Continue reading

Student Loans: Best Birth Control Ever

The more you know, the less you mother.   That’s the inescapable conclusion of two statistics plucked from the new White House report, “Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Wellbeing.” Regardless of their age, mothers with more education have fewer children.  And women dominate the current generation of college students and new grads, at … Continue reading

Fair-Pay Audits Coming – Is Your Firm Ready?

Federal agencies just vowed to coordinate fair-pay audits and investigations. Is your firm prepared? One reason why the Paycheck Fairness Act didn’t pass was that critics claimed that we already have sufficient fair pay regulations on the books. Just enforce those, they said. And that’s exactly what’s happening. With public employees (and their unions) in … Continue reading

The Pay Gap for Illiterates

 Having trouble explaining the well-documented gender pay gap to someone who can’t quite see it? Show him (or her) the picture. In the department of Bureaucrats Having Fun comes this chart, which illustrates the gender pay gap by industry. This is a nifty way of breaking down the sometimes-murky gender pay gap issue. It is … Continue reading