What do you call a company with women comprising 5% of its global executive team and 4% of its global board? Defendant.   In what is becoming a depressingly familiar scenario, yet another “best company for women” has been charged with a high profile discrimination lawsuit. The defendant du jour is Big Four accounting firm KPMG. … Continue reading

Men Hate The Workplaces They Built

Men want work-life flexibility just as much as women. So why are women still the ones carrying the message? Ah, the sweet sensation of validation.  Finally, a think tank has thought what many work-life advocates have been saying for years: Men want work-life flexibility just as much as women do. That’s the basic point of … Continue reading

Why Dudettes Will Save Beancounters

Without young women, baby boomer accounting firm partners can’t retire.  Guess who’s in the driver’s seat. It took us six months, dozens of interviews and a boatload of analysis to produce the 2011 Accounting MOVE Project Executive Report.  One of our sponsors, Moss Adams, recommended that this year we do a deep-dive into the implications … Continue reading

Hey! Where’s My Raise?

Every employer pays for performance…right? Only believe it when your employer can prove it. There’s not a boss on this earth who doesn’t think he pays for performance.  But ‘performance’ is often much more of a judgment call than one might think – even for jobs with quantifiable results, such as sales.  Given pervasive cultural … Continue reading