I’ll Have One of Each

Diversity works best when teams are gender balanced. It’s not good for man to be alone, God thought when he looked at Adam. Hence: Eve. Turns out that gender balanced teams are most effective, efficient and healthy in the workplace, too.  (Apples notwithstanding.)  A recent study by the London School of Business found that when … Continue reading

Self-Interest at Work

The Global Business Coalition leverages business self-interest to advance women. That’ll work. You might have missed it, but last week was International Women’s Day. Hallmark hasn’t yet caught on to this occasion, but corporate types certainly have, and the press releases showered like magnolia petals in a spring breeze. And I learned quite a bit. … Continue reading

Do Women Need An Ambition Transplant?

I’ve just pawed through the Easter basket of statistics that is the new Accenture report, “Reinvent Opportunity: Looking Through a New Lens,” and there’s only one conclusion to draw: women need more ambition. They are too willing to settle: for less money, a lower-status position, and for things the way they are.  But the study … Continue reading

Ramps To Nowhere

Why haven’t more women reached the top of the career ladder? Because of a certain rung missing halfway up. Our client the American Society of Women Accountants has just released an authoritative white paper on how to advance women it its profession.  Its recommendations are drawn from the Accounting MOVE Project, which we manage for … Continue reading