Your Bottom, Their Bottom Line

Bias complaints are up, and that means insurers are paying out more for companies to defend against those claims. Could weary insurers be the working woman’s new best friend? Gender discrimination accounts for  29.1% of all EEOC charges filed in fiscal 2010. Apparently  women aren’t so grateful for a job that they’re willing to suck … Continue reading

Self-Interest at Work

The Global Business Coalition leverages business self-interest to advance women. That’ll work. You might have missed it, but last week was International Women’s Day. Hallmark hasn’t yet caught on to this occasion, but corporate types certainly have, and the press releases showered like magnolia petals in a spring breeze. And I learned quite a bit. … Continue reading

Fair-Pay Audits Coming – Is Your Firm Ready?

Federal agencies just vowed to coordinate fair-pay audits and investigations. Is your firm prepared? One reason why the Paycheck Fairness Act didn’t pass was that critics claimed that we already have sufficient fair pay regulations on the books. Just enforce those, they said. And that’s exactly what’s happening. With public employees (and their unions) in … Continue reading

Finally: Women Get Their 5%

Long-awaited SBA rules to benefit women-owned businesses actually will hit the mark. Here’s why.  Finally, women-owned businesses have a real shot at getting Federal contracts. Thanks to Obama administration priorities, the Small Business Administration just  launched a new set of procurement guidelines that are supposed to ensure that women-owned businesses actually account for at least … Continue reading