Neighborly Economics

Women are re-inventing local economies by concentrating their spending with locally owned companies. Who doesn’t love a good farmer’s market?  Handmade soap. Homemade soup. Tomatoes, zucchini, cheese, honey, corn, blueberries…I usually buy more than I can carry, forcing my husband to bring the minivan around to the sidewalk and load it up. I buy local … Continue reading

Small Might Be Smarter

The latest crop of start-ups looks a lot like the typical woman-owned businesses. Is that bad, or is it time we added another definition of entrepreneurial success? The best stuff at the International Housewares Show is along the outside walls. Here, in the cheap booths, are the hardy entrepreneurs with their inventions, hoping that the … Continue reading

Bethenny Ever the Entrepreneur

All too real:  being skinny doesn’t solve supply chain problems. Updated! True confession – and, Mom, feel free to tune out right here: yes, I’m addicted to all things Housewives, though there’s precious little Real in any of it, except for Bethenny Frankel, who has paid her reality dues. Up from the scrum of  The … Continue reading

Finally: Women Get Their 5%

Long-awaited SBA rules to benefit women-owned businesses actually will hit the mark. Here’s why.  Finally, women-owned businesses have a real shot at getting Federal contracts. Thanks to Obama administration priorities, the Small Business Administration just  launched a new set of procurement guidelines that are supposed to ensure that women-owned businesses actually account for at least … Continue reading