What do you call a company with women comprising 5% of its global executive team and 4% of its global board? Defendant.   In what is becoming a depressingly familiar scenario, yet another “best company for women” has been charged with a high profile discrimination lawsuit. The defendant du jour is Big Four accounting firm KPMG. … Continue reading

Your Bottom, Their Bottom Line

Bias complaints are up, and that means insurers are paying out more for companies to defend against those claims. Could weary insurers be the working woman’s new best friend? Gender discrimination accounts for  29.1% of all EEOC charges filed in fiscal 2010. Apparently  women aren’t so grateful for a job that they’re willing to suck … Continue reading

Does Pay Gap Perception Matter More Than Reality?

Is the pay gap real? Women think it is…and that alone is a problem for employers. Another global company — Bayer — has just been hit with a class-action gender discrimination suit. On behalf of all women at the international pharmaceutical company, six current and former women employees abandoned their EEOC complaints to file the … Continue reading

How to Bust a “Best” List

“Best Places to Work’ lists can be lies. Here’s how you can bust through the happy talk and get to the truth. If  most ‘best places to work’ lists are to be believed, most of corporate America is headquartered in Lake Woebegone, where all the employers are above average. You don’t have to be much of … Continue reading

List or Lie?

Here’s how ‘best places to work’ lists are put together – and what editors don’t want you to know.  The annual  carnival of “best places to work” lists has just kicked off with Fortune magazine’s  “100 Best Companies to Work For.” The list celebrates benefits and activities that are often unrelated to productivity or career … Continue reading