Be Nice. Be Called Tough.

Act nice, but hope others call you tough. That’s how to get ahead at work. Sure is complicated getting hired. Two recently released studies show just how narrow a line women must walk to get ahead at work: be nice to others day to day, but make sure your professional references describe you as an … Continue reading

Why Dudettes Will Save Beancounters

Without young women, baby boomer accounting firm partners can’t retire.  Guess who’s in the driver’s seat. It took us six months, dozens of interviews and a boatload of analysis to produce the 2011 Accounting MOVE Project Executive Report.  One of our sponsors, Moss Adams, recommended that this year we do a deep-dive into the implications … Continue reading

Hey! Where’s My Raise?

Every employer pays for performance…right? Only believe it when your employer can prove it. There’s not a boss on this earth who doesn’t think he pays for performance.  But ‘performance’ is often much more of a judgment call than one might think – even for jobs with quantifiable results, such as sales.  Given pervasive cultural … Continue reading

Nice Girls Get Ahead…of Themselves

 Do nice girls get ahead? Only if they manage ‘nice’ like any other skill. I once had a client who was anything but nice. I sent her a holiday gift of ready-to plant tulip bulbs with all the fixins for a longlasting living bouquet. From a ritzy florist, no less. When the box landed in … Continue reading

Does Pay Gap Perception Matter More Than Reality?

Is the pay gap real? Women think it is…and that alone is a problem for employers. Another global company — Bayer — has just been hit with a class-action gender discrimination suit. On behalf of all women at the international pharmaceutical company, six current and former women employees abandoned their EEOC complaints to file the … Continue reading

Why Women Quit Engineering

It’s not the work. It’s the jerks. One of my sisters-in-law was, until recently, a drive train engineer for a Big Three automaker.  The drive train is what makes your car go. This is serious quant work that operates at the intersection of physics, materials, marketing and safety. In her group of 20 drive train … Continue reading

Wal-Mart Dresses Up, Goes Nowhere

Only a cynic would find irony in the Wal-Mart Foundation’s $2 million donation to Dress for Success.  I’m a cynic, and after you read this, you will be, too. I love Dress for Success.  I love the idea of outfitting women returning to the workforce with flattering, confidence-building interview and work outfits. I loved them … Continue reading

Work-Life Balance Is Dead – Thank Goodness

Sociologists confirm what mothers-in-law have been saying for decades:  you feel guilty when you  take work home.  Work-life balance doesn’t work. It probably never did. Here’s what does. Doesn’t flexwork sound great? Grab that Blackberry as you run out the door at 4 p.m. and finish up that client e-mail while you’re waiting out the … Continue reading

Ramps To Nowhere

Why haven’t more women reached the top of the career ladder? Because of a certain rung missing halfway up. Our client the American Society of Women Accountants has just released an authoritative white paper on how to advance women it its profession.  Its recommendations are drawn from the Accounting MOVE Project, which we manage for … Continue reading