Neighborly Economics

Women are re-inventing local economies by concentrating their spending with locally owned companies.

Who doesn’t love a good farmer’s market?  Handmade soap. Homemade soup. Tomatoes, zucchini, cheese, honey, corn, blueberries…I usually buy more than I can carry, forcing my husband to bring the minivan around to the sidewalk and load it up.

I buy local because I get some warm fuzzies along with some fresh goodies. Come to find out, lots of women think like I do, and together, we are shifting economic power home. InForum, the Michigan alliance of professional women, just sponsored a study of  women’s evolving consumer power,  done by Sphere Trending.
Among the findings:

Sphere Trending figures that if half the working population each channeled $50 to a local business, $42.6 billion would recirculate with our neighbors.

I can do that. Heck, I can do that at one booth. That would be the soap and goat-milk-hand-cream booth. Come to think of it,  I’ve done my neighborly duty for the month, at the shopping venue for the annual fashion show hosted by the Haute Couture Club of Chicago. I spent $62 on a hand-painted silk scarf, made right here in Illinois. I knew I looked great in it. Now I’ll feel as good as I look.
Image courtesy of Morguefile contributor kevinroseel.


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